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All vehicles manufactured after 1995 have a coded immobiliser system. The key contains a (transponder) code that must match the code in the vehicles engine management system in order to start the engine.

If you only have one key for your vehicle we strongly recommend that you obtain a spare. If your only key is lost getting your vehicle back on the road could cost you as much as 20 times the price of a second key

Transponder keys can also be called “chip keys”. Transponder keys are ignition keys with signal-emitting chips built inside. The head of the key emits a radio frequency from the chip that should match the pre-programmed code of the ignition. That way the car will only respond to the key programmed for it. Many cars immobilize if the wrong key is used by intruders. Chip Keys successfully protect cars from theft in this way. This is why chip keys are so popular in modern cars and are helping decrease car theft worldwide.

The key is operated by the user simply inserting it into the ignition. This allows one of the resistors to complete the simple circuit which will in turn involve the three other resistors.

This is where the security of the key kicks in. If the value of the resistor is wrong, or the key is a normal key without a resistor, the circuit of the car's electrical system will not allow the car to be turned on.

At our shop premises at 79 GRAND PARADE, GREEN LANES, LONDON N4.

We copy, code and cut keys to ignitions where you have lost the keys to your vehicle.

Our expertise has been built up over a number of years and we have become known as the car lock company of North London.

We cut vehicle keys that have been snapped in half.

We extract broken keys from ignitions.

We cut keys to car door or ignition locks where keys have been lost.

If you need a car key call us.

Have you got an old car that does not have a key?  Well!  We are the Company you are looking for, take out your ignition or passenger door lock, bring it to us and we will make a key to it, this also includes motorbikes.

At our Traditional Locksmith Shop in Green Lanes, Haringey we copy most types of car key as well as motorbike keys, we also make keys to locks where the keys are missing or misplaced, just give our office a call, to see if we can help you.

We are the Number "ONE" Locksmith Company for car key and normal key cutting for North London.

Not only do we make keys for cars, we also make keys for any locks that you may have.  We are agents for Mul-T-Lock, Chubb, ERA and many other makes of locks, we also copy Gerda keys.

So! If you have lost your key to any lock bring it to us and we will make a key for it, this will save you many pounds, rather than buing a new lock.

We also sell keys and locks on our WEB SHOP.

If you need any advice on any car key or any other type of key or would like an estimate on any lock fitting, please call our office and our Locksmith Team will be happy to help you.  You can also fill in the estimate form below and submit to our office, we will respond as soon as possible.

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